Electronic Components

Through our focus technical sales, marketing and application expertise, we are committed to provide consultative components selection, and design services for Semiconductors, RF Microwave and IP&E (Interconnect, Passive & Electromechanical) solutions.

Airborn Semiconductors RF Microwave   Interconnect, Passive & Electro-Mechanical
Ampleon ICs Amplifiers RF Passives Connectors
Amplifier Solutions Corporation Controller ICs GaAs / GaN Balun Board-To-Board Connectors
ams AG. DRAM Memory Gain Blocks Bias Tees Circular Connectors & Components
API Inmet Embedded USB General Purpose Capacitors Crimp/Solder Terminals & Splices
API Technologies (Spectrum Control Inc.) e-MMC High Linearity Circulators FFC/FPC Connectors
API Technologies (Spectrum Microwave) Logic ICs Low Noise Amplifers (LNA) Couplers MIL-Specs Connectors
Applied Thin-Film Products Magnetic Position Sensors Power Amplifier DC Blocks Wire-To-Board Connectors
Astrodyne Corporation Microcontrollers Pulse Power Filters  
Bellnix  NAND Flash Memory  RF Limiting Fixed Attenuators Cable Assembly Accessories
Bungard Elektronik Gmbh NOR Flash Memory    Inductors Cable Assembly Machines & Tools
Chyao Shiunn Power Management ICs Antennas Isolators Cable Identification & Marking
Cinch Connectivity Solutions Power Supply ICs 2G/3G/4G/LTE Limiters Cable Management
Cirris Systems Corp. Sensor Interfaces 5G Matching Pads Cables & Wires
Compex Corporation Standard ICs Bluetooth/WiFi/WLAN Mixers  
Compex Corporation   GNSS Power Dividers
Passive & Electro-Mechanical
EMC Technology / Florida RF Discretes Horn Resistors Passive
EPC Diodes ISM/LoRa/Sigfox/RFID Rotary Joints Sensors
Epcos Components eGANs NFC Switches Switches
Exodus dynamics IGBTs SATCOM Terminations  
Filpal MOSFETs UHF Variable Attenuators  
Filtek Opto couplers V2V/V2X/DSRC    
Fuji Electric SiCs      
GE Power Transistors Coaxial Adapters RF Test & Measurement
GGB Industries   1.0mm Calibration Kits  
Gigalane   1.85mm Connector Interface Gage  
HellermannTyton   2.4mm Probe Station  
Honeywell   2.92mm Torque Wrench  
IMST Gmbh   3.5mm    
Innodisk   7/16 DIN Waveguide  
ITT Cannon   BMA Arc Detectors  
Japan Automatic Machine   BNC Attenuators  
Jersey Microwave LLC   MCX Bulkhead Feedthurs  
Jiangsu Bozhiwang Automation Equipment   MMCX Circulators  
Jilin Huawei   N-Type Couplers  
JST   SMA Dehydrators  
Junkosha   SMP Filters  
KingSignal   TNC Flexible.
Twistable WG
KVG Quartz Crystal Technology Gmbh     Isolators  
L-3 Narda-ATM   Coaxial Cable Assemblies Magic Tees  
Laird   Benchtop Test Cables Mixers  
Linden Photonics   Conformable Oscillators  
Macronix   Flexible Phase Shifters  
Measurement Specialties Inc.   Semi-Rigid Power Dividers /
Megaphase LLC   VNA Test Cables Power Samplers  
Mercury LLC - RF Integrated Solutions     Preasure Windows  
Micron Semiconductor   Design Materials Pressurizing
Microwave Amplifiers Limited   Dielectric Material Quick Disconnects  
Millitech Inc.   EMI Shielding
and Gaskets
Shims. Spacers.
M-Pulse Microwave   High Frequency
Straight / Bend
/ Twist Sections
Murata   RF & Microwave
Tee Junctions  
Networks International Corporation   Thermal Management Terminations  
NI AWR     WG to Coax
Oki Electric Cable   Diodes WG to WG Adapters  
Panasonic   Limiter Diodes    
PEI-Genesis   PIN    
Phison   Schottky    
Premix OY   Varactor    
Presidio Components Inc.        
Quest Microwave Inc.   RF Actives    
Radiall Electronics   A/D & D/A Converters    
RF and Microwave Power Technology   Attenuators    
Sage Millimeter, Inc.   DRO, PLDRO, CRO    
Smiths Interconnect   Frequency Multipliers    
SMS Consulting Engineers   Gain Equalizers    
Spectrum Technologies   Limiters    
Sri Connector Gage   Mixers    
Sri Hermetics   Oscillators    
Steatite Q-Par Antennas   Phase Lock Loops (PLLs)    
Sumitomo Electric   Phase Shifters    
Suyin   Pin Diode Drivers    
Synergy Microwave   Receiver Protectors    
Taoglas   Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)    
TE Connectivity   Switches    
Toshiba Semiconductors   Synthesizer    
XMA Corp.      
Zhejiang Jun Quan Automation Co. Ltd